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Our company has been building complete production systems based on industrial laser sources since its foundation in 2006. We provide lasers for cutting and marking organic materials and metals. In the beginning, our focus was the distribution of CO2 and SPI fiber (pulse and continuously operating) lasers, then we expanded our operation to the distribution of laser auxiliary systems. Nowadays, automation plays an increasingly big role in the industry. In order for the maximum satisfaction of our customers, we developed our own design and manufacturing, where we construct special purpose machine . During the past couple of years, our product catalogue has expanded considerably. By now apart from laser appliances, we sold products, that are components of our custom built special purpose machine.  For example, Universal Robots collaborative robots, Walther Systemtechnik dispenser and applier systems, Weber screw driving systems, Hiwin linear guideway systems and StockNGo intelligent storing systems. The products of the above-mentioned product families are not only built into the machines we manufacture, but also sold separately.

SPI Fiber laser Vágás.PNG
SPI Fiber lasers,
CO2 lasers

The industrial use of the SPI (Germany) laser, sold by our company, is becoming more widespread. Thanks to this, our company is present in almost all areas of the industry with marking / cutting / welding / surface treatment lasers. Together with our suppliers, who are the world's leading manufacturers of laser and accessory units, and the local machine manufacturing partners, we design, manufacture and implement complete laser processing equipment tailored to individual needs.

Védőszemüveg Laservision UVEX.PNG
 Laser accessories

Brands of laser accessories, sold by our company: Laservision (UVEX, Germany), OPHIR (Israel), ULT (Germany) 

The Laservision family of products provides maximum protection against lasers:

  • Filter glasses

  • Plastic / glass windows

  • Laser protection cover screens

  • Separating curtains, panels

The OPHIR family of products focuses on the distribution of laser measuring equipment. 

The ULT product family helps you extract the smoke needed for your special processes.  

Contract work center
  • Laser contract manufacturing

  • Laser cutting

  • Marking

  • Water cutting

  • Bending

  • Component production

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