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SPI Fiber laser systems

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SPI engraving lasers are incredibly widely applicable. Fiber lasers have now become the most important players in the field of metal and plastic marking and machining. Power stability, essential for micro-machining, enables precise material removal with Fiber Laser. The Number of applications where Fiber laser grinding, drilling and micro-cutting are performed is increasing. The variability and flexibility of the laser source allows its use in newer and newer applications day by day.

SPI lasers have been proven in most industrial sectors The demand in an ever-widening field in the industry, which is aimed at the marking and machining of various materials, in order to automate the monitoring of production technological processes, can be solved mostly by the variability and flexibility of laser systems.


With the SPI redENERGY pulse lasers we were able to achieve excellent results not only in the field of marking, but also in the field of micromachining.

This type of laser is excellent for a wide range of high-precision micromachining applications. A key feature of the SPI redENERGY pulse laser is the choice of 25 different waveforms and the huge advantage of its resulting flexibility.


The redPOWER series Fiber Laser has been specifically developed by SPI with reliability, performance and user safety in mind. The SPI high-performance redPOWER Fiber laser system offers a high degree of flexibility for integrator and mechanical engineering companies in the production of cutting and welding equipment for the industrial sector through variable output power control.

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