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Laser measuring technology


One of the perhaps most important elements of laser machining is selecting the right type and property of laser source. An essential part of this selection is that the data provided by the manufacturers can be measured and set.


Measuring the laser as an energy beam, checking its energy distribution, identifying the shape of the laser beam requires very complex measuring devices.


That is why there are few companies that can produce measuring and evaluation tools that are suitable for this task.

The Israeli company OPHIR is one of the large groups of companies with a complete range of instruments suitable for complete analysis of laser properties.

Properties of OPHIR measuring instruments

Laser power measurement
Measurement of mono mode lasers
Energy density measurement
Measurement of multi-mode lasers
OPHIR NanoScan 2 screen with new

Measured data processing

Mobile devices for displaying measured data
Graphics software available
for free
PC-compatible instruments
OPHIR Power Meters group photo.jpg
OPHIR FL250-BB-35+Juno_Screen.jpg

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